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Fees & Refunds - British Columbia

Course Fees


  • British Columbia courses


Course fees must be paid in full by VISA, MasterCard or Interac through SOLUS in order to access your course(s). No other payment methods (including bank transfer/bill payment) are accepted.

Once you have paid for your course it will take 1-2 business days to gain course access.

Sponsored Students

If your course fee is being paid by a sponsor, you must complete the online application and submit a sponsorship letter to the University Fees Office in lieu of payment. The letter must include:

  • name of the student,
  • student number,
  • name of course,
  • start and end date of the course,
  • and the amount.

Fax (613) 533-2068 or email fees@queensu.ca.

Deferrals and Course Changes

All deferrals and course changes must be requested within the first week of the course. The deadline for course deferrals and/or course changes is the same as the deadline for a full refund (the first Friday of a session).

All requests for deferrals and course changes should be emailed to cedmail@queensu.ca.

How to Drop a Course

Refunds are issued directly to the credit card you used for payment 2 - 3 business days after you drop a course.

To drop an AQ/ABQ course:

  • Log into your Queen's portal using your NetID and password
  • Under "SOLUS", click on "SOLUS Student Center"
  • Under "Academics" click on the drop down menu, select "Enrollment: Drop" and click the double arrows to the right
  • Select the term your course is in using the radio buttons on the left and click "Continue"
  • Select the course you wish to drop using the radio buttons on the left and click "Drop Selected Classes"
  • On the next screen click "Finished Dropping" to confirm your withdrawal.

Refund Schedule

If you drop a course:

  1. by the end of the first week (Friday) of the course, you will receive 100% of your course fee.
  2. by the midpoint of the course, you will receive 50% of your course fee.
  3. any time after the midpoint of the course, you will not receive a refund.

Refund Dates
Session 100% Refund Deadline 50% Refund Deadline
Late Winter 2019By March 01, 2019By March 29, 2019
Spring 2019By April 19, 2019By May 10, 2019
Late Spring 2019By May 10, 2019By May 31, 2019
Summer 2019By June 28, 2019By July 12, 2019
Fall 2019By October 04, 2019By November 01, 2019
Fall/Winter 2019By November 15, 2019By December 27, 2019
Winter 2020By January 31, 2020By March 20, 2020
Late Winter 2020By February 28, 2020By March 20, 2020