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Continuing Teacher Education

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Post-Graduate Certificates for BC Teachers

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Session Dates Deadline Status
Late Summer 2021 Aug 09, 2021 - Oct 01, 2021 Aug 06, 2021 Open
Fall 2021 Sep 27, 2021 - Dec 03, 2021 Sep 10, 2021 Open
Fall/Winter 2021 Nov 08, 2021 - Feb 11, 2022 Oct 29, 2021 Open
Winter 2022 Jan 24, 2022 - Apr 08, 2022 Jan 14, 2022 Open
Late Winter 2022 Feb 21, 2022 - Apr 22, 2022 Feb 11, 2022 Open
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Post-Graduate Certificates for BC Teachers

To support BC teachers in their desire to provide their students with enriched learning experiences, Queen’s Continuing Teacher Education has created post-graduate certificates. Our certificate programs are founded on current research-driven theory and on the specific challenges BC teachers face in their classrooms. Our courses are developed and taught by experienced BC teachers, and they reflect BC Ministry of Education policy and curriculum.

We currently offer post-graduate certificates in the following areas (click to learn more):

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Advanced Standing in the Specialized Applied Graduate Experience (SAGE) Program

Queen’s University Faculty of Education has designed the SAGE program as a customizable graduate experience, with the inclusion of three different credentials within one program. SAGE is a course-based, fully online program, allowing you to explore diverse topics, expand your resume and experience, and grow as a professional. Students who complete the SAGE program will receive a Post-Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Professional Master of Education.

To be considered for advanced standing and continue in the program, submit a written request and a copy of your completed certificate to at the time of your application to the program. You can download the Advanced Standing Request Letter here. You can then apply through the School of Graduate Studies website. The application includes an online form and step-by-step instructions for setting up your account.

Information regarding the SAGE program, can be found on the Faculty of Education website or contact us at

Our Programs Are Made for BC Teachers

Our course packages are shaped around BC Ministry of Education curricula and taught by experienced BC teachers. That means your professional learning experience at Queen’s will be directly applicable to the challenges you face in your BC classroom.

Approved by the BC Teacher Qualification Service

Our certificate programs for BC teachers consist of five full-credit (6.0 non-degree credit-units per course) post-graduate courses in education. Each successfully completed course is recorded on a Queen’s University transcript. Candidates who successfully complete the program will receive a post-graduate certificate from the Faculty of Education at Queen's.

The BC Teacher Qualification Service recognizes these Queen’s certificate programs as one-year post-graduate integrated programs in education. Completion of these course packages may qualify BC-certified teachers for a teaching category upgrade within the BC provincial framework.

*To receive advanced standing into the SAGE program and a category upgrade, TQS Regulation 5.04 states: “Where the content of one part of a program overlaps the content of a second program, the common portion shall not be counted twice in assigning a teacher’s category.” Therefore, if you wish to use the Queen’s post-graduate certificate towards an upgrade and advanced standing in the SAGE program, you will be required to take three additional elective courses. For more information regarding the TQS regulation, please refer to this TQS Policy document.

Online and Interactive

Queen’s Faculty of Education has been a leading provider of online professional development courses for teachers for more than 15 years. Our success is based on the overwhelmingly positive response of Ontario teachers to online professional development.

We recognize that dynamic online learning experience require meaningful interactions with instructors and other course candidates. At Queen’s, you will learn online with up to 15 education professionals from across British Columbia, sharing ideas and feedback. Readings, assignments, discussions, and a rich array of teaching resources are all available online to participants.