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Course Description

  • CONT001
  • CAN 0.00
  • Professional Learning
  • credits
  • 5 hours
  • EN
  • Online

The Occasional Teacher is a free, five-hour course that will help you prepare for occasional teaching, so you can increase your chances of getting that all-important call-back.

In this course you will
• locate a professional learning community to support you on your journey as an occasional teacher
• learn about your rights, roles, and responsibilities as an occasional teacher
• create an occasional teaching survival kit
• discover strategies for addressing common occasional teaching challenges, including classroom management strategies
• develop strategies for working effectively with colleagues, school personnel, and parents/guardians
• discover strategies for teaching to diversity

This course is available to all teachers, so feel free to share the course link with your colleagues!

Since free courses are intended as a resource and are not accredited by OCT they are not monitored for student progress or completion.

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Application Requirements

This course does not have any requirements.

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Course Materials

All resources are provided within the course content.

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Applicants who require accommodations for a specific learning need (e.g., learning disability) within their AQ/ABQ course, should click here for further information and support.

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