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Course Schedule

Session Dates Deadline Status
Summer 2018 Jun 25, 2018 - Aug 10, 2018 Jun 15, 2018 Open
Winter 2019 Jan 28, 2019 - Apr 12, 2019 Jan 11, 2019 Opens
Mar 01, 2018
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Course Description

  • CONT599
  • 745.00
  • Honour Specialist
  • 125 hours
  • EN
  • Online

You have come to this course as someone with background, experience and interest in art and art education. Through this course we will explore some important understandings about what it means to be a curriculum leader and teacher of the visual arts. This is a collaborative course, designed to examine studio practice, probe current issues in art education, investigate student learning, hone your leadership abilities and provide you with a chance to reflect on your professional practice. By the end of the course you should have "examined" yourself in some significant ways and expanded your capacity as a professional art educator.

The assignments throughout the course have been designed to marry the standards of practice established by the Ministry of Education with current demands of art education leadership.

Consistent with the standards of practice, course assignments will explore:

• commitment to students and student learning
• professional knowledge
• teaching practice
• leadership and community
• ongoing professional learning

What You'll Learn

By the time you complete the Honours Specialist Visual Arts course, you'll know about:

• Theories of Learning (How can I help all my students learn?)
• Contemporary Art Practice and Issues (What are the challenges?)
• Assessment and Evaluation (How do I "mark" art?)
• Program Development (How do I design inspiring units?)
• Creative process (How do we engage in production?)
• Leadership strategies and styles (How do I work with administrators, parents and colleagues?)

What You'll Do

You will complete activities that will enable you to:

• apply your theoretical knowledge to practical tools for your practice
• focus on your vision of teaching visual arts
• explore leadership skills in order to implement them into your practice
• find solutions to gaps in your practice and knowledge
• reflect on your practice and your new learning
• discuss ideas and solutions with your colleagues
• work with partners and small groups to complete activities
• engage in online discussions with your peers
• explore studio practices and express yourself through art production
• design a unit of study
• explore contemporary and personal art process
• design effective assessment tools
• ask critical questions about the ends, means and contexts of teaching the visual arts

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Application Requirements


We will use the OCT number you provide during online registration to confirm that your Certificate of Qualifications shows certification in at least two teaching divisions (Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior).


Your transcript(s) must show:

- The equivalent of 9.0 full year undergraduate/graduate courses in this teaching subject with a minimum 'B' average in these courses
- A Bachelor’s degree at an accredited university with the equivalent of 20.0 full year courses


Signed by a Supervisory Official* from your School Board confirming that you have two years (388 days) of teaching experience since becoming a certified teacher, one year (194 days) of which is in the subject area of this course.

*The Ontario College of Teachers defines "Supervisory Official" as the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of the school board for a teacher employed by a Board of Education. A principal or headmaster is not recognized in this capacity. For a teacher employed by a private school, the "supervisory official" is the Ministry of Education official (Education Officer) appointed to your school. For overseas experience the appropriate Supervisory Official is the person your Principal reports to.

Please note that a new form is always required for a Specialist course as experience is course/subject specific.

*If you completed a Queen's undergrad (at any time), or a B.Ed., Honour Specialist, or an Intermediate or Senior ABQ course with us within the last 4 years you are not required to resend your transcripts.

**If you completed a medial degree and do not have a major you may be eligible for a Combined Honour Specialist. Please see our FAQ's or contact us for more information.

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Course Materials

This course has no required resources.
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Applicants who require accommodations for a specific learning need (e.g., learning disability) within their AQ/ABQ course, should click here for further information and support.

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