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Guidance & Career Education Part 1

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Course Schedule
Session Dates Deadline Status
Fall 2019 Sep 30, 2019 - Dec 06, 2019 Sep 27, 2019 Open
Fall/Winter 2019 Nov 11, 2019 - Feb 14, 2020 Oct 25, 2019 Open
Winter 2020 Jan 27, 2020 - Apr 10, 2020 Jan 10, 2020 Open
Late Winter 2020 Feb 24, 2020 - Apr 24, 2020 Feb 14, 2020 Open
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Course Description

  • CONT611
  • CAN 685.00
  • Three-Part AQs
  • 6 credits
  • 125 hours
  • EN
  • Online

“I want to be an engineer but I’m having trouble with Grade 9 Math.”
“I’m worried about one of my friends—I think my friend might harm herself.”
“I hate school.”
“My friend is being bullied at recess in the schoolyard.”
“Working 25 hours a week is pulling my marks down.”
“I did elementary school in Alberta. Do I have to take Grade 9 French?”
“My stepfather—I can’t stand him.”
“Are there any scholarships out there for me?”

So, you want to get your Guidance qualifications! Above is a sampling of situations you might encounter as a Guidance counsellor. They run the gamut from personal issues to school-related ones.

This course will get you started in the Guidance field. You’ll learn more about Guidance programs and related resources, and you’ll also learn some basic interpersonal and human-relations skills. These are helpful in addressing the challenges of teaching in contemporary school settings.

Welcome to Queen’s Online Learning and Guidance and Career Education Part 1. Let’s begin the journey.

Course Learning Expectations

In this course you will:

• apply the theoretical understanding necessary to implement and assess programs and/or practices related to Guidance and Career Education
• develop awareness and integrate expectations, strategies, and assessment practices in response to the individual needs of students and the promotion of student success
• enhance an understanding of holistic learning environments (diversity, character development, equity, multiple intelligence, differentiated instruction)
• explore strategies for collaboration with in-school personnel, parents/guardians, and the community
• understand the role of the Guidance teacher/counsellor in collaboration with all educational and community partners
• develop an understanding of the continuum of Guidance and Career Education including K–12 and post-secondary education pathways

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Application Requirements

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Course Materials

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