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Kindergarten Part 1

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Course Schedule
Session Dates Deadline Status
Spring 2020 Apr 13, 2020 - Jun 12, 2020 Apr 10, 2020 Open
Late Spring 2020 May 11, 2020 - Jul 03, 2020 Apr 24, 2020 Open
Summer 2020 Jun 29, 2020 - Aug 14, 2020 Jun 12, 2020 Open
Late Summer 2020 Aug 10, 2020 - Oct 02, 2020 Jul 24, 2020 Open
Fall/Winter 2020 Nov 09, 2020 - Feb 12, 2021 Oct 23, 2020 Open
Fall 2020 Sep 28, 2020 - Dec 04, 2020 Sep 11, 2020 Open
Winter 2021 Jan 25, 2021 - Apr 09, 2021 Jan 08, 2021 Open
Late Winter 2021 Feb 22, 2021 - Apr 23, 2021 Feb 05, 2021 Open
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Course Description

  • CONT801
  • CAN 685.00
  • Three-Part AQs
  • 6 credits
  • 125 hours
  • EN
  • Online

The focus of Ontario’s Kindergarten Program, 2016 document is on developmentally supporting, integrating, and building a strong foundation of learning for the whole child in a play-based environment. Guided by the understanding that each child is unique and has individual needs, the Kindergarten program supports the full range of children’s development, including social, emotional, communication/language, cognitive, and physical domains. Teachers and early childhood educators (ECEs) are knowledgeable, responsive educators who are partners in the classroom, providing a rich range of differentiated instruction to support these five domains.

This course looks at how to support children’s learning, self-expression, self-regulation, and self-discovery. You will also learn ways to purposefully plan authentic play-based learning experiences that fall in the child’s zone of proximal development. The course examines developmentally appropriate practice, curriculum, assessment, and creating a positive classroom climate with families and the community as partners. You will also interact with fellow teachers who share a passion for the early childhood learning, and complete meaningful activities and inquiries that will translate into classroom practice.

Course Learning Expectations

In this course you will:

• develop your own professional practice through ongoing inquiry, dialogue, and reflection about Kindergarten
• research and exchange ideas about current issues in early years education to validate your own reasoning and intentions
• critically explore and interpret theories of child development as a framework for instructional approaches
• demonstrate an awareness of the rights of children as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
• synthesize differentiated instruction and design practices in the planning, development, and implementation of learning experiences in Kindergarten
• investigate programs that allow for the young learner’s multiple ways of communicating ideas, concepts, and observations
• apply observation-based strategies as a key component of assessment in the Kindergarten program
• recognize the significance of sustaining a positive, welcoming school climate in which all parent perspectives are encouraged, valued, and heard

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Application Requirements

OCT Membership with qualifications in Primary. If you have a Diploma of Education, you are not eligible for this course.

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Course Materials


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