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Communications Technology Grades 9/10

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Course Schedule
Session Dates Deadline Status
Summer 2021 Jun 28, 2021 - Aug 13, 2021 Jun 18, 2021 Open
Fall 2021 Sep 27, 2021 - Dec 03, 2021 Sep 10, 2021 Open
Winter 2022 Jan 24, 2022 - Apr 08, 2022 Jan 14, 2022 Open
*Registration will remain open until 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the posted registration deadline date.
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Course Description

  • CONT403
  • CAN 745.00
  • 125 hours
  • EN
  • Online

The advanced basic qualification course Communications Technology (Grades 9 and 10) will use an activity-based, project-driven approach to help you acquire and refine your technical skills, create project resources, design curriculum documents, and develop the assessment and evaluation tools you’ll need to teach Grade 9 and Grade 10 Communications Technology courses. Throughout this course, you will use a variety of collaborative tools, mobile applications, and subject-specific software and peripherals that will allow you to create engaging content for your students. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate online with your course colleagues on a number of projects. You will be able to discuss theoretical and practical issues of common interest with your colleagues and your course instructor. The emphasis in this course will be on open-ended cooperative problem solving with a focus on the design process as well as the product or solution. Course Learning Expectations

In this course, you will:

  • learn about current theory and practice in teaching strategies
  • create an online presence and work with your online account
  • develop a module-based, student-centred, collaborative learning environment that meets Ministry of Education guidelines and the needs of your school and community
  • learn about Ministry initiatives that support Communications Technology (e.g., SHSM)
  • apply theoretical knowledge to practical classroom strategies and tools
  • create and deliver short tutorials that support unit development and delivery
  • integrate a variety of new technical skills, software, and mobile apps into your course
  • learn about ethical use of communication technology
  • learn about environmental considerations as they relate to communication technology
  • learn about health and safety issues related to communication technology
  • learn from and participate in professional learning networks (PLNs)
  • create documentation that will allow you to arrange and manage a communication technology space effectively
  • develop skills to effectively communicate with parents/guardians, community partners, and school administration
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Application Requirements

1) OCT MEMBERSHIP We will use the OCT number you provide during online registration to confirm you are an OCT member.

2) WORK EXPERIENCE LETTERS (not required if you already have Technological Education qualifications)

**Work experience letters must include a start and end date, as well as confirm if the work was part or full time.

For one year of related post-secondary or less you must have Five years of full-time wage-earning experience or 10 years of teaching experience in the subject.


For a two year related program you must have Three years of full-time wage-earning experience or six years of teaching experience in the subject.


For a three year related program you must have Two years of full-time wage-earning experience or four years of teaching experience in the subject.

Acceptable Experience:

  • radio and TV arts/animation (Required)
  • audio-visual equipment
  • computer electronics
  • electronics repair
  • graphic art and design
  • photography
  • teaching Communications Technology

*One year of work experience can be interpreted as 1,700 hours of work experience.

**If you are using Secondary School Teaching Experience to be eligible for this course, your principal must sign a letter that includes the length of time you taught in total, the course codes for each Tech Course you taught, as well as the length of time (in semesters) that you taught each course.


***If you were self-employed you must submit a sworn affidavit, a business license, proof of income and a letter from a major supplier/customer to confirm your five years of work experience.

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Course Materials


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Applicants who require accommodations for a specific learning need (e.g., learning disability) within their AQ/ABQ course, should click here for further information and support.

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