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Senior Law

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Course Description

  • CONT637
  • CAN 745.00
  • 125 hours
  • EN
  • Online

The Senior Law additional basic qualification (ABQ) course is founded on OCT ethical standards and practices. It also addresses the question of how best to teach Senior Law courses with student success in mind. You will be learning about the Law courses in the Canadian and World Studies Grades 11 and 12 curriculum document.

In this course, you will learn how to connect the curriculum expectations to 21st-century learning competencies and current legal issues that affect society. You will have the opportunity to create lessons, units and assessments using backward design, while integrating the most relevant Canadian and international legal issues into lessons and assessments.

By the time you complete Senior Law, you will be able to

  • use curriculum design for Law courses
  • apply the curriculum expectations to lessons about current legal issues and legal concepts
  • use methodologies for approaching various strands
  • create lessons using online resources for teaching Law
  • use critical thinking and culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy in Law lessons and assessments

You will also have completed activities that allow you to

  • connect Ontario curriculum expectations to individual Law lessons
  • share ideas with peers
  • create assessments, units and lesson plans
  • develop assessment tools that align with Growing Success
  • create a roadmap for your own professional development with respect to teaching Law
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Application Requirements

 1) OCT MEMBERSHIP We will use the OCT number you provide during online registration to confirm you are an OCT member with an undergraduate degree.

2) YOUR ORIGINAL UNDERGRADUATE/GRADUATE UNIVERSITY TRANSCRIPT(S)* Your transcript(s) must show: The equivalent of 3.0 full-year undergraduate/graduate courses in Law/Legal Studies or the equivalent of 2.0 full-year undergraduate/graduate courses if you already hold another senior qualification. Courses can be considered from various disciplines but the main focus must be basic legal concepts, human rights and freedoms, or Criminal/Civil/Business/Environmental Law. *If you completed a Queen's undergrad (at any time), or a B.Ed., Honour Specialist, or an Intermediate or Senior ABQ course with us within the last 4 years you are not required to resend your transcripts.

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Course Materials

This course has no required resources.

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Applicants who require accommodations for a specific learning need (e.g., learning disability) within their AQ/ABQ course, should click here for further information and support.

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