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Frequently Asked Questions - British Columbia

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Q: How do Queen's online courses work?

Our courses are built on onQ, a robust learning management system that allows candidates to interact seamlessly with their instructor and peers. All course materials, including a variety of teaching resources and full access to the Queen's library system, are accessed online. Courses are divided into modules, each with a specified due date, and you are free to complete course tasks at a time and place that are most convenient for you.

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Q: What are the computer requirements for an online course?

To access your online course, you will need a modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, which are freely available. Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari 5+ are also supported.

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Q: When and how do I access my online course?

You will receive an email a few days prior to the course start date with instructions on how to log in. Once logged in, you will be taken to the onQ home page. This page displays Queen's University news and updates.

To access your course, click on Select a Course icon, this icon looks like a three by three grid on the top-right of the page. This will open a list of your available courses and selecting one will take you to your course home page.

After you log in you will see welcome messages in the Announcement section. Email communication takes place outside of onQ in your Queen’s email account. All other communication from your instructor take place inside onQ using, Announcements, Discussion posts, and/or the Assignments.

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Q: What is my NetID and where do I get it?

Your NetID is your unique identification number at Queen's. You will use it to access online services and courses at Queen's. Information on how to get your NetID will be emailed to you once you have been accepted to a course.

You will use your NetID to access the SOLUS Student Centre where you can update your address, order a transcript, drop a course, and get your tax receipt.

If you know your NetID but have forgotten your password, call ITS at 613-533-6666 for a password reset.

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Q: How to I set-up and access my Queen’s email account?

You can access your Queen’s email through your course located in onQ. On the course navigation bar click on Office 365 this will bring you to the login page for Office 365. You will then enter your email address (YOUR NETID) and your NetID password. Under Apps click “outlook”. These credentials are also used to is access your course.

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Q: How many courses are required for a certificate?

Each post-graduate certificate program consists of five full-year university courses (6.0 non-degree credit-units per course). Candidates are required to complete five courses in the course package to be eligible for the certificate. Each course successfully completed will appear on a Queen's University transcript. Parts 1, 2, and Specialist are required; two additional courses are chosen from a list of electives.

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Q: Can I transfer courses from other universities or programs?

Our programs have been evaluated and approved by TQS as complete packages. At this time, transfer courses from other programs or universities are not accepted.

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Q: How much does the program cost?

Tuition fee for each course in the certificate program is CAN$735. Fees are paid online on a course-by-course basis.

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Q: How do I get my transcript?

An official transcript will be automatically mailed to you upon successful completion of all courses in a certificate program. You can also order one through SOLUS any time during your program.

Please note that the CTE office does not send transcripts to third parties. If you require an official transcript to be sent directly to TQS, you will need to order a transcript through the transcript office. Visit to order a transcript.

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Q: Can I complete these courses if I’m not a certified BC teacher?

Yes! We encourage those from related disciplines (e.g., EA and ECE) to apply, as well as educators and interested applicants from across the country or around the world. Proof of an undergraduate degree is required.

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Q: Do your programs count towards my pay-scale upgrades in BC?

The BC Teacher Qualification Service recognizes these Queen’s certificates as one-year post-graduate integrated programs in education. Completion of these course packages may qualify BC-certified teachers for a teaching category upgrade within the BC provincial framework. If a category upgrade is one of your considerations for pursuing a Queen’s post-graduate certificate program, we recommend that you consult the BC Teacher Qualification Service before applying.

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Q: What will I learn in a certificate program?

Our course packages are shaped around BC Ministry of Education curricula and are taught by experienced BC teachers. That means your professional learning experience at Queen’s will be directly applicable to the challenges you face in your BC classroom. You can view full course descriptions on the Post-Graduate Certificates for BC Teachers page.

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Q: Who teaches the certificate program courses?

Only highly experienced BC teachers write and facilitate our courses. Their local knowledge and experience ensure that candidates have access to the practical and current professional knowledge that will benefit their teaching careers.

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Q: Do I have to be online at specific times or attend on-site classes?

No. Our online courses are completely asynchronous, meaning that you can work at a time and place convenient to you and different from your peers. Our online courses have no classroom-based practicum requirements. You can complete your post-graduate certificate entirely online.

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Q: How much time per week is required to keep up with the course load?

Depending on the session (e.g., Fall, Fall/Winter, etc.), the average workload commitment is about 10 hours per week.

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Q: How long do I have to complete the program?

It is possible to complete a post-graduate certificate program (five courses) in just under a year. While the BC Teacher Qualification Service allows up to ten years to complete the requirements, we encourage our candidates to finish within three years.

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Q: When are your courses offered? When can I register?

Courses are offered up to eight times per year, allowing multiple entry points into the program. Check our offerings page for more detailed information on courses and dates.

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Q: Does completion of a certificate count towards a master's degree?

Applicants to the Professional Master of Education (PME) degree program qualify for advanced standing in PME 800 (Self-Regulated Learning) and/or PME 811 (Innovation in Teaching and Learning) if they have successfully completed post-graduate certificates through CTE at Queen's.

To be considered for advanced standing, submit a written with your application to the PME program.

You can download the application letter to be submitted with you PME application: BC PME Application Letter

Graduate Studies and Research Office
Genevieve Bureau, Graduate Assistant
Room A106
Tel (613) 533-6206
Fax (613) 533-6057

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Q: How do I get a receipt?

To get a receipt for your AQ/ABQ course:

  • Log into your Queen's portal using your NetID and password.
  • Click on SOLUS.
  • Under SOLUS, click on SOLUS Student Center.
  • Under Finances click on Account Inquiry.
  • Click on Payments.

Tax Receipts (T2202A)

If you are taking a Fall-Winter course it will span two tax years. Your T2202A will be split in two, half for each year.

Federal T2202A tax forms will be available on February 28th. Follow the instructions below to print off a copy of your T2202A tax receipt:

  • Log into your Queen's portal using your NetID and password.
  • Click on SOLUS in the panel on the left.
  • Under Finances click on Other Financial.
  • Click on T2202A Tax Forms.
  • Ensure you have pop-up blockers turned off, as your receipt will pop up in a new window.

If you have any questions about your income tuition tax receipt, please contact:

  • Office of the University Registrar
  • Records and Services
  • 74 Union St. 1st Floor
  • Kingston, ON, K7L 3N6

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